Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Spanish 2 had some excitement last Friday. Half of the class was done with their project and the other half needed something to do. I came across Kelly Sigler's blog post about "Imagination" and wanted to help her out. Her students already know about genius, mine are still learning.
That afternoon our classrooms Skyped. My kids loved it, and I think hers did too! Her class shared their posters and told my sophomores what their genius' were and what a genius is. This definitely got my kids inspired and they became much more creative.
Our classes also collaborated to create a story to a video that Kelly saw. Her students needed some help putting the story together, and mine were more than willing to do it. We helped them translate the song that played with it since it was in Spanish and came up with a great story about a prince and princess (story will come soon!). My class thought they were doing this for fun and had a blast coming up with this story, little do they know we are using it this week. They came back on Monday and wanted to know if we get to Skype again. My question to them was how can we Skype 1st grade and relate it to Spanish? The answer: We can put the story we made in Spanish and make a book to read to them!! This happened to be exactly what I was thinking! We are working with past tense now, and what better way to practice then to make a story!
My kids are excited and I can't wait to share the story our 2 classes created with them!


  1. Alyssa, I just saw this post! Nicole, one of my 8th graders, set up a contest for writing that "Random Monkey" story. She and I are finally getting to work on the "prize" for the winning story. That was our first attempt at a contest, but it got away from us, as Nicole went into another exploratory. Anyway, you'll be hearing from us soon! Here's a link to the story your students helped create.

  2. We got busy, but the prize is finally finished. Thanks for joining in the conversation!

  3. Interesting! are you willing to be a Spanish teacher to a 7-year old beginner? He's super interested in learning the subject and is open to attending classes by Skype . We are currently checking out ( ) since this was recommended by one of his teachers. I'd like to see your programs, too, though. Thanks!